Securus Technologies and Its Wireless Containment Solutions

There are wonderful articles to read every day, but are they worth your time? Are they ridiculously helpful that you can’t just help but apply what you read in real life? This is something that we want to address. To do that, what we will offer you is a precautionary tale of the dangers of the modern life we live today where an incarcerated person can contact from inside and try to sabotage your life. In short, we will share with you an article about Securus Technologies and the story of Robert Johnson.

The Tragedy of Robert Johnson That Almost Cost Him His Life

In the NBC Miami report, it was shown that one of the biggest problems of people working in corrections offices is the fact that the officers can risk their lives. This is the case that happened to Robert Johnson. He was a corrections officer who when he went home got shot because of a malicious order to kill him inside the prison.

This wouldn’t have been possible if there was interference or a firewall inside the cell. This preventable event could have been prevented if there was a way that the inmates in the jail won’t have a way to connect with the people outside.

It should also be noted here that Robert Johnson worked at the Lee Correctional Institution in South California when this incident happened.

I guess he was so good at doing his job that he was able to even to get shot after work hours. This could even remind us of the TV show The Wire, where the inmates have a connection outside, and they can just command people to kill someone that is a hindrance to their drug operations. It’s fantastic and beguiling to know that Robert Johnson feels like living the life of a TV show character.

The PRNewswire Report on The Solutions

It is because of the issues like the one above that Securus Technologies have created the Wireless Containment Solutions today. In the PRNewswire article, it was reported that there is now a new series of innovative solutions from Securus that will be able to easily prevent calls from coming outside of the jail cells.

This is remarkably a wonderful improvement that will change a whole great deal of how the entire security protection would be employed.

I also think that the fact that Robert Johnson now already works for Securus Technologies also means that he has finally received the support and recovery that he badly needs.

That said, I think it’s important to support causes like the ones being initiated by Securus. Security is such an important and critical issue, especially in the connected world we live in now.

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