Fabletics Introduces New Branding Culture Based on Technology and Crowd sourced Reviews

As one of the few disruptive brands in online ecosystem, Fabletics has shown tremendous growth in terms of sales and profit since it founded in 2013. Currently, it generates a revenue of over $250 million per year with its sales and income increasing day by day. Anyone who is curious about the incredible success story of the athleisure brand, it tells the story of the firm’s dependence on crowdsourced reviews, technology, and more. Since the initial days, Fabletics understood the importance of reviews and its power on purchase decisions. People often consider a wonderfully written review by a user as unique and valuable than product promotions by the brand.


Fabletics identified that the customer reviews have the power to improve customer addition, better customer retention, and enhanced customer loyalty in all the industries. A study conducted by BrightLocal recently revealed that nearly 85% of people are ready to believe the customer reviews same as personal recommendations and agree that reviews can influence their buying decisions. Almost 50% of the customers are readers of online reviews of a brand or a product at least once in a month, another survey revealed. Even brands are learning the importance of reviews and its impact on buying decisions. Almost 76% of the online brands understood the need of including reviews in product pages to ensure better conversion.


Online brands, including Fabletics, identifies that genuine and authentic reviews have the power of boosting business. It is always a better strategy to include customer reviews on the product pages to get loyal and regular customers who can offer better returns per head. Similarly, a good number of positive reviews also influences the search engines, and they provide better search engine ranks to those pages or businesses, per the studies conducted by The Local SEO Guide and Moz. Almost 74% of the customers love to purchase after they see and read the reviews on the product page.


Considering the growing importance of customer reviews, Fabletics is ramping up its plan to add customer reviews for its products on the website as well as in the third-party review platforms. On Trustpilot, Fabletics has more than 30,000 reviews with the average rate stands at 8.2 – something that displays the characteristics of the brand including excellent product quality, customer experience, value, style, and more. Fabletics confirms that even the review platforms are also experiencing the momentum with a significant number of review additions in the recent years.


Fabletics also gave greater importance to the technology from the initial days. Kate Hudson, one of its founders, initiated social media campaigning strategies, world-class customer experience attempts, and more on the web platform. The founders considered data as the key asset for their sales strategy. They devised a specialized membership plan by taking inputs from the customers using Lifestyle Quiz – an attempt to know the customer preferences in fashion and their physical aspects. It helped the brand to design unique products for each customer with a unique brand experience. The brand welcomes everyone to complete their Lifestyle Quiz and get fashion outfits according to their choice.

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