US Health Group Receives An Honor For Its Excellent Corporate And Social Roles

On June 26th, 2017, the reputable SVUS Red Carpet Awards held a ceremony dinner in San Francisco to honor the annual winners. US Health Group Incorporation took home the Gold award recognizing it for its role in corporate and social forums. The award was a coveted acquisition by entry firms with approximately 500 staff members.

The platform integrated at least 1000 staff in the program which involved undertaking charity events to change the lives of 170,000 people distributed in 80 communities across the United States. The chief executive officer of US Health stated that the award was the highest honor since the inception of US Health Advisors because it recognized their practical efforts to impact lives positively.

The Gold award from CEO World Awards was an honor for matters extending beyond the social spectrum in society. The platform which is a subsection of the SVUS Awards invites entries from firms of varied genres and sizes spread across all continents. Read more: USHealth Advisors Memphis Team

The panel considers a multitude of attributes for all participants to deliver a well-rounded judgment. These include their administration scheme, leadership performances, innovation, and the role of their products and services in society.

US Health Group Incorporation’s services and products

US Health Advisors offers a flexible insurance coverage for patients with a varied array of inflictions. Some of them include serious diseases, particular aforementioned ailments, accidents, and short-term injuries caused by accidents. The corporation also offers protection of income a life time insurance plan and treatment packages for dental and vision complications.

Perks of choosing US Health Advisors

  1. First dollar benefits packages and network discounts for plenty of health providers. The product caters to individuals limited with a budget or annual deductions.
  2. Security of insurance with Specified Plans for candidates who are up to paying the particular cost.
  3. Flexibility and affordability of packages to cater to the tailored needs of clients.

US Health Advisors has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau which recognized it for its impeccable flexibility and dedication to resolving customer concerns with the utmost quickness.

US Health has its headquarter office in Texas and has certifications from National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company.

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