Thunder Down Under: Lingerie clashes with marriage rights in a flash mob protest featuring Honey Birdette

Scantily-clad protestors marched triumphantly down the streets of Sydney, cheering their support and giving onlookers an impromptu lingerie runway show – down city streets.

About 60 Honey Birdette employees, models and fans gathered and protested their support for marriage equality, the rights for any couple to get married – flash mob style.

The event organizers chose the flash mob style rally because of its ease and convenienced in use. A flash mob is a rally where participants are notified of the event location at last minutes notice via social media, which usually identifies the location or meeting spot.

This is in reaction to upcoming legislation on September 12th, which has been a hot button and controversial issues for Australian lawmakers and politicians.
The event was also on Facebook, live streamed, drawing much reaction from the online community including alternating outbursts of love and hate, positivity and criticisms.

In another piece of sexy media Honey Birdette coverage…..

A Rundle Mall locale has been the scene of outrage….possibly some controversy. Passerby’s, onlookers and shoppers alike have been the audience of an extremely provactive and racy ad that is causing quite a commotion.

This is in regards to an advertising campaign, a set of two posters to be exact that shows a female nipple. The female nipple is dressed in the lingerie of Honey Birdette, the posters are on the windows of the retail store location.

Interviews were taken with various shoppers who gave comments on what they thought about the ad campaign

Shoppers were conflicted, some took a neutral stance. Others were hardliners, saying that it was entirely inappropriate for children.

Yet others thought the nipple plus lingerie combination was a perfect match and made total sense. The controversy has reached the offices of government, about whether or not the graphic images should be removed.

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