José Henrique Borghi Achievements

Mr. José Henrique Borghi is a leading adviser in Brazil in charge of Mullen Lowe agency which is a top advertising company. José Henrique Borghi is in charge of about three hundred people, and he is responsible for instilling hard work and creativity evidenced from this workforce. Mr. Borghi was initiated to the advertising industry by his sister while in High school. The presentation that he was invited by his sister to watch at the theater was a presentation of the winners of Cannes Festival. This is a festival that appreciated people who proved to be outstanding in the advertisement industry. Although it was intended to be a typical visit for entertainment purposes, Mr. Borghi derived his ambitions on advertising from the event.

Some of the reputable advertising campaigns undertaken by Mr. Borghi include Fiat, Sazon, and Parmalat. The Sazon Campaign was one of the most influential campaigns ventured by Mr. Borghi. He agrees that this campaign served as a platform for him since it opened more markets in which the company explored for profitability and learn more about Borghi.

One of the aspects that make Mullen Lowe advertising agency stand out is the creativity portrayed by its workers. In one campaign that Mr. Borghi prides himself on, kids were dressed as stuffed animals. This depicts the creativity upheld by this company that keeps changing with the needs and preferences of customers. As an advertiser, it is necessary to keep evolving with the new demands of customers and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

One of the ambitions of Mullen Lowe is to continue meeting the demands of clients while maintaining the available clients and working with new clients. To achieve these aspirations, the company under the Mr. Borghi continues to uplift Brazilian advertising by working with new brand desired by customers. Besides the company aims at increasing its participation in three segments that it specializes in and considers itself to possess expertise and his Website.

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