Igor Cornelsen – A Visionary In Investment Strategies

If you are looking for Igor Cornelsen you can possibly find him on a Florida golf course or see him on a cable news show giving investment advice. He was recognized as one of Brazil’s key banking and investment advisers. He graduated from a prominent university in Brazil and began a career in banking many years ago. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

Brazil has the largest economy of Latin America and second to that of the United States. It was inherent that his skills would find him working with high net worth clients from his native country and other foreign nations, including the United States. He remains in compliance with the country’s he works with and their investment regulatory agencies.

He was naturally adept at helping his clients’ setup institutional and exchange investments, discretionary accounts, and many other lucrative funds. For many years, Igor Cornelsen held high-ranking financial positions in banks throughout Brazil. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:  http://igorcornelsenbr.snappages.com/ and https://pt-br.facebook.com/igor.cornelsen

He was also asked to serve as an unofficial advisor to the Minister of Economics office in Brazil, which he did. Mr. Igor Cornelsen is well-versed in investment strategies and portfolio management stratagems that led his clients into successful safe harbor long term investments.

Over the years, his experience in investments and banking made him a genius in identifying cheap stocks to be purchased and timing their selling term which net a profit. Brazil is a BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) member and this experience placed Mr. Cornelsen in an active role to watch and actively affect some of the recent international monetary policies that shaped and changed the global economy.

Currently, Mr. Cornelsen is a private stock market entrepreneur and is working for Bainbridge Investments, Inc., which is located in the Bahamas. Mr. Cornelsen joined Bainbridge in 2011 where he manages new creative and innovated techniques to use the stock market to predict future success.

He continues to dabble in investments and does some consulting but he considers his interests more of a part-time hobby. Investors around the globe have considered his unique investment strategies and advice to be innovative based on the investment portfolio he suggests for his clients.

US Health Group Receives An Honor For Its Excellent Corporate And Social Roles

On June 26th, 2017, the reputable SVUS Red Carpet Awards held a ceremony dinner in San Francisco to honor the annual winners. US Health Group Incorporation took home the Gold award recognizing it for its role in corporate and social forums. The award was a coveted acquisition by entry firms with approximately 500 staff members.

The platform integrated at least 1000 staff in the program which involved undertaking charity events to change the lives of 170,000 people distributed in 80 communities across the United States. The chief executive officer of US Health stated that the award was the highest honor since the inception of US Health Advisors because it recognized their practical efforts to impact lives positively.

The Gold award from CEO World Awards was an honor for matters extending beyond the social spectrum in society. The platform which is a subsection of the SVUS Awards invites entries from firms of varied genres and sizes spread across all continents. Read more: USHealth Advisors Memphis Team

The panel considers a multitude of attributes for all participants to deliver a well-rounded judgment. These include their administration scheme, leadership performances, innovation, and the role of their products and services in society.

US Health Group Incorporation’s services and products

US Health Advisors offers a flexible insurance coverage for patients with a varied array of inflictions. Some of them include serious diseases, particular aforementioned ailments, accidents, and short-term injuries caused by accidents. The corporation also offers protection of income a life time insurance plan and treatment packages for dental and vision complications.

Perks of choosing US Health Advisors

  1. First dollar benefits packages and network discounts for plenty of health providers. The product caters to individuals limited with a budget or annual deductions.
  2. Security of insurance with Specified Plans for candidates who are up to paying the particular cost.
  3. Flexibility and affordability of packages to cater to the tailored needs of clients.

US Health Advisors has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau which recognized it for its impeccable flexibility and dedication to resolving customer concerns with the utmost quickness.

US Health has its headquarter office in Texas and has certifications from National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company.

The NuoDb Cloud Database and their Optimization Process

NuoDb is a well-known database company. It was founded in 2008 with the name “NimbusDB” and then changed its name to NuoDB in 2011. Their cloud database works with SQL destined for cloud applications. However, the architecture is slightly different because it seeks a balance of performance versus preserving the ACID guarantees of a regular database system. The NuoDb cloud database works great. Every time a new server is added in order to handle the superior workload, it runs faster than the standard velocity expected from the standard database programs.  This process is known as “scale-out,” and it is able to do so in high-velocity without creating new individual partitions.


NuoDb’s cloud database is well-designed and it seeks to optimize every process so it can run faster, to the point that it can actually process at a speed greater than 1 million transactions per second.


With several partnerships including the newly announced alliance with CauseSquare, the NuoDb cloud database is gaining great success working for multiple platforms who are satisfied with the service that they are providing.


If you are interesting in testing a database that has the scale-out functionality and is also able to be used with SQL in cloud applications, NuoDb is one of the best ones in the market and it’s being supported by a very dedicated team.

Contributions of Julia Jackson to the wine industry

Julia Jackson is the youngest daughter of the Jackson family, and she has highly contributed to the success of the families wine investment. Julia was raised up in a place where they used to make wine and sell to the outskirts of the town. She enjoys the idea of wine making very much and has always had a determination towards providing the best outcome from her family`s venture. Her dad is one of the individuals who inspire her a lot, and he has helped Julie put the focus on her career and work hard towards achieving her dreams.

Check more:http://www.orlandostylemagazine.com/in-an-oregon-state-of-mind-a-conversation-with-julia-jackson-of-jackson-family-wines/

Watching her dad work hard towards growing his wine enterprise, Julie has learned to appreciate and employ all it takes to be successful, and she continues to pave her road to success through marketing her family`s wine. She mainly focuses on promoting the various wine brands produced by her family`s company to the young people and uses the most suitable strategies to ensure that they purchase them. Due to her amendable skills in advertising and marketing the wine products, Julie has seen the company grow into a prolific venture since its establishment.

Besides, Julie believes in innovation and gained business skills back at Stanford School of Business. She has helped the company develop through the various inventions she has fueled and implemented. Julie hopes that the wine company will keep growing in the coming years and hopes to produce unique wine brands to cater for the needs of all its clients. Pinot Noir is one of Julie Jackson’s vineyards and uses the best grapes in the farm to produce quality wine with impeccable taste.

Julie also works hard towards providing her customers with the best wine brands as she is highly determined towards maintaining all her customers to continue with her father’s legacy in the wine making industry.


Thunder Down Under: Lingerie clashes with marriage rights in a flash mob protest featuring Honey Birdette

Scantily-clad protestors marched triumphantly down the streets of Sydney, cheering their support and giving onlookers an impromptu lingerie runway show – down city streets.

About 60 Honey Birdette employees, models and fans gathered and protested their support for marriage equality, the rights for any couple to get married – flash mob style.

The event organizers chose the flash mob style rally because of its ease and convenienced in use. A flash mob is a rally where participants are notified of the event location at last minutes notice via social media, which usually identifies the location or meeting spot.

This is in reaction to upcoming legislation on September 12th, which has been a hot button and controversial issues for Australian lawmakers and politicians.
The event was also on Facebook, live streamed, drawing much reaction from the online community including alternating outbursts of love and hate, positivity and criticisms.

In another piece of sexy media Honey Birdette coverage…..

A Rundle Mall locale has been the scene of outrage….possibly some controversy. Passerby’s, onlookers and shoppers alike have been the audience of an extremely provactive and racy ad that is causing quite a commotion.

This is in regards to an advertising campaign, a set of two posters to be exact that shows a female nipple. The female nipple is dressed in the lingerie of Honey Birdette, the posters are on the windows of the retail store location.

Interviews were taken with various shoppers who gave comments on what they thought about the ad campaign

Shoppers were conflicted, some took a neutral stance. Others were hardliners, saying that it was entirely inappropriate for children.

Yet others thought the nipple plus lingerie combination was a perfect match and made total sense. The controversy has reached the offices of government, about whether or not the graphic images should be removed.

Life Line Screening Saving Lives through Screening

LifeLine Screening aims at diagnosing a disease or any health condition before it causes extensive damage to the human body. It was founded in 1993. Life Line has been in the forefront in providing community screening in the United States of America for a couple of years. They advocate for screening, life style change and proper treatment for better health conditions. Early diagnosis is essential in prevention and treatment of life threatening conditions. For more info about us: https://twitter.com/Life_Line click here.

They cover over eight million people around the world, with over 1 million screening every year. They have expanded their operations to the United Kingdom. According to Dr. Andrew J. Maganaro, they have received a lot of support from physicians and patients around the world. He is the quality assurance officer of company, and he is responsible for ensuring that only certified physicians and technologists are handling patients. Organizations like the University of South Florida have done studies that approved the validity of their screening results.

Interpretation of  screening results is usually carried out by a group of certified physicians to ensure accuracy in diagnosis of the health condition. Their health care providers are well trained and qualified to do the screening. They use technologically advanced equipment in their screening. The organization has partnered with insurance service providers globally to ensure that their services are available to as many people as possible.

Types of Screening Services at Life Line Screening

Ultrasound, Finger-stick blood limited electrocardiograph are the three top screening that they use for diagnosis. These processes are painless, accurate, comfortable, and convenient to the patient. These processes are also non-invasive, and the results for blood tests usually available immediately. However, there are some tests that patients receive their results within 15 days.

The Texas based company provides Life Screening Health E-Newsletter to its clients. It ensures that it gives an individual a simple guide on how to live a healthy life because they focus on various issues. Through these articles, a person can know if there is need of changing their lifestyle or not. They also provide health advice to diabetes, high blood pressure or any other chronic disease patients.

José Henrique Borghi Achievements

Mr. José Henrique Borghi is a leading adviser in Brazil in charge of Mullen Lowe agency which is a top advertising company. José Henrique Borghi is in charge of about three hundred people, and he is responsible for instilling hard work and creativity evidenced from this workforce. Mr. Borghi was initiated to the advertising industry by his sister while in High school. The presentation that he was invited by his sister to watch at the theater was a presentation of the winners of Cannes Festival. This is a festival that appreciated people who proved to be outstanding in the advertisement industry. Although it was intended to be a typical visit for entertainment purposes, Mr. Borghi derived his ambitions on advertising from the event.

Some of the reputable advertising campaigns undertaken by Mr. Borghi include Fiat, Sazon, and Parmalat. The Sazon Campaign was one of the most influential campaigns ventured by Mr. Borghi. He agrees that this campaign served as a platform for him since it opened more markets in which the company explored for profitability and learn more about Borghi.

One of the aspects that make Mullen Lowe advertising agency stand out is the creativity portrayed by its workers. In one campaign that Mr. Borghi prides himself on, kids were dressed as stuffed animals. This depicts the creativity upheld by this company that keeps changing with the needs and preferences of customers. As an advertiser, it is necessary to keep evolving with the new demands of customers and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

One of the ambitions of Mullen Lowe is to continue meeting the demands of clients while maintaining the available clients and working with new clients. To achieve these aspirations, the company under the Mr. Borghi continues to uplift Brazilian advertising by working with new brand desired by customers. Besides the company aims at increasing its participation in three segments that it specializes in and considers itself to possess expertise and his Website.

More Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBZUAB2iP5o

Scott Rocklage – Businessman, Philanthropist and Inventor

Dr. Rocklage has worn many hats in his lifetime–philanthropist, business guru, an MIT graduate. You name it and chances are Dr. Rocklage has done it.

These days, he is a managing partner of a company, but not just any company–he actually worked as a regular employee for the same organization in 2003.

Dr. Rocklage’s genius isn’t limited to medical science, not by a long shot. He has an innate ability–a sixth sense, if you will–to not only dabble in different fields, but he’s far from a jack of all trades. Rocklage has mastered the most pertinent concepts that drive commerce: medical care, Venture Capital, and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Scott Rocklage, 61 years young, keeps himself busy these days–and busy is a huge understatement. He is currently a partner at 5AM Ventures, Chairman of the Boards of Semprus, Achaogen, and Relypsa, and also serves on the Boards of WaveRX, Varitation, Pulmatrix, the Whitehead Institute Board of Associates.

With high-ranking positions in so many memberships and board meetings, how does Dr. Rocklage find time to sleep at night? He accomplishes more in 24 hours than most people do in a lifetime.

Oh, and Dr. Rocklage also chairs yet another organization: the Boards of Cidara Therapeutics, Rennovia, Kinestral, Epirus, Plmatrix and many more. Needless to say, Mr. Rocklage is an extremely busy, important and, last but not least, a kind and energetic man.

His success in life so far has been nothing short of astronomical, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Previously, Dr. Rocklage was Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, he later became the President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar. Eventually he took leadership positions in the R&D departments of Catalytica and Salutar. A busy schedule is nothing new to him. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn and Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

He ultimately chose to attend MIT, where he earned degrees in Chemistry and Philosophy and was part of the laboratory team which helped Richard R.Schrock to earn a Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr. Rocklage’s research and efforts has resulted in three brand-new pharmaceutical drugs for patients: Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. Also, he’s an avid inventor—he has over 30 patents and has over 100 medical publications to his credit.

Dr. Rocklage said that what excites him most about the future are medical advances, particularly in cancer patients but better health care in general. He is even more excited when the technology becomes available to scan certain mutations or genotypes that may lead to abnormalities or even cancer. Dr. Rocklage is excited for that technology to become reality, and he’d dedicated his life to that end.

He currently resides in Boston, MA.

Technological tips to look out for from Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a prolific entrepreneur and futurist located in Arizona. Jason has a passion for technology develops ideas and thoughts on the possible outcomes of technology in future. Besides, he focuses on giving back to the community, and he mentors high school students around Scottdale besides developing amendable programs for entrepreneurs and interested investors. Jason schooled at Arizona State University and was later was awarded a bachelor`s degree in finance. He then acquired his MBA from the college`s W.P Carey school of business. Jason Hope started his career by launching a wireless communications company before focusing on biotechnology and philanthropy. He also has a passion for politics, and with his great passion for technology, he carefully observes the financial markets as well as the economy of countries to predict the future and estimate the likely effects of technology.

Jason believes that the internet of things will play a significant role in the economy of many countries and call for a change in the mode of operations of many enterprises. Jason further advocates that a tremendous change will occur in the way of life of people as most activities will rely on the devices developed by the art of technology. He insists that most devices operated in today’s world highly rely on and connect to technology and as a result, people, especially business owners should be ready to adjust to the outcomes of technology.

Jason also encourages entrepreneurs always to consider sharing their ideas with other people as it helps them make informed decisions. He believes that sharing ideas helps people make corrections in some areas which could lead to failure in their ventures. He insists that an entrepreneur should have great faith in themselves as it helps them conduct their activities with confidence.

Visit Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope