Law Analysis By Karl Heideck

Law Analysis By Karl Heideck
Law Analysis By Karl Heideck

In early 2017, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed a new law prohibiting employers from inquiring about applicants previous salaries. The law mostly aims to help decrease the gender wage gap, but also helps protect the privacy and rights of all employees. As with any new law, there were a few hindrances. Area employers filed a lawsuit, claiming that their First Amendment rights were being challenged.

Ultimately, the city waived the lawsuit, allowing the law to be enacted. In the article, “Karl Heideck Analyzes Why Judge Won’t Halt Philadelphia’s New Salary History Law”, Lawyer Karl Heideck cites the failure of the complaint to specifically identify who would be harmed by this law as the reason for its failure. As Karl Heideck explains, companies involved in the lawsuit may not be eager to disclose their identity, as it doesn’t exactly boost their PR reputation.

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Graduating from Temple University in 2009, Karl Heideck is a hire counsel listed attorney with a wide breadth of experience, practicing in the greater Philadelphia area for over six years. Focusing on mainly litigation, compliance, and risk management review, Mr. Heideck’s honed focus gives him an increased ability to create successful outcomes for his clients. He is currently working as a contract attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer, where he works with material relating to securities fraud and banking litigation. At his former position as a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP, Karl Heideck served as a top level quality control specialist, reviewing and gathering materials for a series of litigation cases. In addition to practicing law, Karl Heideck also hosts a blog, where he uses his extensive experience in the field to help readers better understand laws being put in to place. With over 6 years of reputable experience and a passion for law, Karl Heideck continues to practice with an high standard of success.


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