Glen Wakeman: A Highly Successful Financial Executive and a Futuristic Entrepreneur

Glen Wakeman, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings, is known for his various roles in his life, including as a highly successful financial executive, investor, executive mentor, futuristic entrepreneur, and more. He also holds the office of Principal of Nova Four, a startup accelerator firm that offers strategic advice and financial access to various startups and developing companies. Glen Wakeman is enthusiastic to build business and applying technology and proven methodology with close monitoring. He uses five key characteristics to improve the performance, and that includes leadership, human capital, risk management, execution, and governance. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Analyst of Finance.

Wakeman’s LaunchPad Holdings is another startup incubation firm with a mission to increase the success rate of entrepreneurs through guided approaches. His focus area to improve the business is adequate liquidity and clear plans. Under Glen Workman leadership, the firm has collaborated with various businesses and made them successful ventures, executed thousands of capital market transactions, and raised millions of dollars for new as well as existing businesses including large organizations. Wakeman is credited for registering success in various businesses employing 17,000+ staff in total, and that produced total assets worth $15 billion.

Glen Wakeman has almost three decades of experience in working as a financial services executive with some of the biggest financial institutions in the world. He started his career with GE Money and took care of various roles and responsibilities including technology, operations, business development, regional management, country management, and general management. Wakeman worked for the firm from different continents including Asia, South America, and Europe. Wakeman was the CEO of Latin American business of GE Money.


While coming to the education, Wakeman completed his Bachelor of Science in economics and finance from the University of Scranton. He earned his MBA from the University of Chicago and secured Six Sigma Black Belt industrial certification. Glen Wakeman regularly blogs about leadership, global affairs, business transformation, and emerging markets, and offers strategic advice on capital raising, strategy, and angel financing.

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping off at Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern is the leader of JMH Development. JMH Development is a leader in the development o real estate properties in the heart of Miami. For this reason, it has attained the market advantage and worked towards the sustainability of these projects. For over two decades of professional experience in the real estate industry, no one has achieved a market structure in a manner that has no market value. For this reason, you might want to consider the achievements associated with market stability. Therefore, you will have a better business through market advantage and better business in a manner that has no true depiction in this industry. Therefore, ensure you stick to the real estate development values. JMH Development is a leading company in the development of properties in the heart of Brooklyn. For this reason, it has gained a name for the structure development in this region to depict the true nature of his industry.

JMH Development has also announced that they have reached the topping off of the South Aloft Beach. This is one of the most adaptive re-uses of the historic structure in this capability. As a matter of fact, no one has done these structures before the capabilities associated with the end in mind. Therefore, you will achieve market advantage through accessibility and attainment through succession in this field. The South Aloft Beach construction is an adaptive re-use of an old structure in the heart of Miami Beach. For this reason, you might want to consider the development of high-end structures in a way that depicts the true nature of this capability. JMH Development states that the construction of this building has been faster than expected. For this reason, they will meet and exceed the time limitation posed to them by their clients in a manner that depicts the true market leadership in this industry.

This project was awarded to JMH Development by the clients. For this reason, they went on and developed the structures in a manner that depicts the true nature of sustainability. Therefore, you will always get better results from working with JMH Development as their advantage real estate development industry. JMH Development adopted the services of Madden Properties Company to achieve the time sensitivity issue. For this reason, they worked together with the company to ensure they slicked to the development process of his building. While they worked to meet the deadline, JMH Development sought the services of the Miami-based Plaza Construction to assist in the actual construction process of the company. For this reason, they went on to develop this capability in a manner that depicts the actual nature of stability. They also contracted the services of ADD Architectures Company to ensure the construction was in line with the actual architectural design.


Dr. Imran Haque’s Body And Facial Treatments In Asheboro And Ramseur

Dr. Imran Haque is the chief practitioner at Horizon Internal Medicine, a specialized skin care, facial treatment and weight management clinic. Dr. Haque has been practicing in North Carolina for over 15 years and has treated diverse groups of patients in that time. Dr. Imran Haque has been highly reviewed by patients who have had great experiences at the clinic and have seen the results they desired from the treatment. Unlike most clinics, Horizontal Internal Medicine offers a full array of ultrasound and even lab work right in the facility. Dr. Haque is also an affiliate physician with the local Randolph Hospital.


Dr. Imran Haque grew up down in the Dominican Republic and first became interested in Internal Medicine while attending the University of Santo Domingo. From there he transferred to the University of Virginia’s medical school and began his internship in their internal medicine program. Upon completing the program he obtained the license to practice internal medicine in North Carolina and opened up offices in both Asheboro and Ramseur. He also obtained a maintenance Certification of Internal Medicine during this time. Dr. Imran Haque’s practice goes beyond internal medicine to even offering some general care as a family physician.


Patients come to see Dr. Imran Haque for laser treatments and non-invasive body contouring treatments. These treatments don’t usually produce changes overnight, but they offer better results than most traditional botox and fat removal surgeries have. Haque prides himself on using technology that is known to be much less painful during treatment and will not produce unhealthy side effects in patients. His weight management program helps patients change their lifestyle and habits to stay healthy and become happier in life. But patients can also schedule a visit with Dr. Imran Haque if they need a physical examination for playing sports

How Bernardo Chua Discovered An Untapped Gold Mine

Organo Gold founding father, Bernardo Chua, established his conglomerate on a sound value system. Having witnessed Ganoderma Lucidum address many health conditions, he became impassioned with the idea of sharing his incredible journey. His account of using ancient Chinese medicine, particularly Ganoderma is inherited from his mother.

Throughout Asia, herbs and natural medicine have been consumed in the interest of extending life among other self-development goals. He’s building on this premise and has successfully inspired cultures outside of Asia. With an extensive career in MLM (Multi-level Marketing) and direct selling to buttress a Ganoderma business model, Mr. Chua launched a boutique Canadian coffee shop.

The role of managing an enterprise within this vertical wasn’t without challenges. Having spearheaded Gano Excel’s global expansion and taking on executive roles, Mr. Chua is poised in broadening horizons for his venture. Working closely with Gano Excel’s founder, Leow Soon, Chua has adapted life lessons that are shaping his future. He holds Mr. Leow Soon in high esteem as a mentor.

With Chua piloting Gano Excel’s expansion, its penetration into global markets and establishing main distribution channels in Canada, Hong Kong and the U.S. was realized. As a former executive, he’s personally contributed to the company’s rise in becoming a global industry giant. He was appointed the president of the group’s U.S. chapter after moving to California.

With the launch of Organo, Chua focused on introducing products that actually provided real benefits to consumers. As an expert health/wellness life coach, Organo provided a platform that enabled Chua to educate consumers while helping them harness Ganoderma power. When Chua launched Organo, coffee was its singular offering.

In full capacity, Organo has expanded globally penetrating markets as far as Europe. It’s offering a rich selection of herbal teas, chocolate preparations and other health-promoting novelty items. The coffee chain has earned Bernardo Chua global recognition.

What’s more, his company has created jobs for a global workforce taking positions remotely and locally. For his astuteness as an accomplished leader, life coach, and entrepreneur, Mr. Chua has won numerous awards and received accolades.

Despite the challenges of entering an industry that’s vastly competitive, and requires constant innovation, Organo thrived as a newcomer. With Bernardo Chua as the group’s chief executive, Organo ranked 55th of Top 100 direct selling companies worldwide back in 2013.

The Millionaire franchise swept the “People’s Choice” awards multiple times. In addition, it’s earned recognition as a top Business and Industry model with a “Dangal ng Bayard” Award. Similarly, Organo swept multiple National Consumer Qualities Awards.

With all the work put into shaping a conglomerate as successful as Organo, Mr. Chua isn’t shy of his achievement having swept an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur Award.” Lately, he’s become quite a social media therapist, sharing helpful health and lifestyle tips on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Bernardo Chua: Turkey Welcomes Health in a Cup of Coffee

Clay Siegall’s Devotion on Biotechnology

Clay Siegall is the president, co-founder, and CEO of Seattle Genetic. He is a very successful man who has beaten all odds to be where he is. Clay is also a philanthropist who has done so much for the community. He has a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University as well as a B.S from the University of Maryland in Zoology. He is an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur. Since he is a scientist, Clay Siegall is driven to the world of biotechnology. His dedication to his work made him get an award in computer, math and natural sciences of the Alumnus of 2013 from Maryland University.

Biotechnology is defined as the gathering of specific microorganisms for the purpose of inventing medicine by manufacturing these microorganisms. Before the end result, these microorganisms are well checked by the scientists to come up with the best treatment for cancer. Seattle Genetics has joined hands with other companies to establish the best antibody drug conjugate (ADC). On the other hand, the victims of different forms of cancer are hopeful that the company will find the best therapy to help them move on with their life. This collaboration has succeeded in initiating the first medicine which is Adcetric and as a result, it has been distributed to more than 60 countries.

The success of Seattle Genetics includes their earning get higher thus their financial graph becoming even better. This firm has been able to deliver over 20 ADCs to clinics. The organization has made $330 million since it was started and this shows how hard they have been working. Furthermore, the patients are receiving so much care from the firm.

Other than Adcetric the company has also come up with SGN-CD33A. there is a cancer form called acute myeloid which have received this medicine. As a result, this drug is working well and the patients are getting better each day. The company is working on creating excellent cancer therapies that will overcome the disease cancer. Moreover, Seattle Genetics has associated with similar companies for a common goal of establishing better therapies that will help cancer patients.


Jose Henrique Borghi Stands out as a Creative Advertiser

Brazil is known for having one of the most creative advertising platforms worldwide. One of the men has who successfully managed to create advertising  that millions of people relate to is Jose Henrique. He has helped a great deal in developing ad campaigns for companies like Mattel, Google, Harley Davidson, JetBlue, Hyatt, Western Union, General Motors, Royal Caribbean, and other international companies. Big corporations know they are getting one of the most creative people in the Ads industry anytime the name Jose Henrique mentioned in Ads meetings.

Jose Henrique, a renowned Brazilian Ad expert, started his career in 1989. He was vice-president of the Leo Burnett Agency and later named the president in 2002. Henrique is passionate about what he does so he partnered with another advertising agency, Erh Ray, to form the Creative Intelligence Agency. Later, Creative intelligence agency merged with Lowe Advertising Agency and Henrique became the president. He was so good at his job such that Mullen advertising agency liked his work and another partnership was formed in the flowing link: click here.

Henrique was named Co-CEO with Andre’ Gomes of the Borghi/Lowe Agency in Brazil. Some of Jose Henrique Borghi responsibilities include overseeing public relations, digital marketing, social media, performance analytics, and mobile marketing. Being a marathon runner, he realized at an early age that nothing is going to come easy or for free. So Henrique decided to chase after what he craves.

Awards Henrique has garnered

Jose Henrique has been the forefront to the success of large enterprises such as Unilever, Electrolux, Alpargatas, Antarctica, and Bunge group. Jose’s success is such multinational corporations has seen him scoop various awards throughout his career. Some of his outstanding awards include; 7 London Festival awards, 14 Cannes Lions, 15 April Advertising Awards, 11 at the New York Festival, 10 awards at The One Show, and 10 Clios Awards.

How Andrew Rolfe is Helping to Transform Lives

The Ubuntu Education Fund recently held a fundraising event. They had set a target of $972,000 for the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner. The funds that were raised will be directed towards the campus of the school that the non-profit built in Port Elizabeth, SA. There are plans to build a pediatric clinic and to accommodate disadvantaged children from around the community. The event went on for the whole night. They were able to raise the funds that they required.

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the board of the Ubuntu Education Fund. The non-profit organization supports children in Cape Town, South Africa who come from needy families. It works with the families of the children and the community to come up with a plan that is tailored for each child. Rolfe was the host of the three hundred guests who attended. The guests enjoyed tasty dishes and a performance by a Xhosa Choir. Two students that had benefited from the Ubuntu Fund were invited to the dinner as special guests.

Sinesipho Rabidyani said that the Ubuntu Fund had changed her life right from the moment they offered her a scholarship. She stated that she would not have been able to join law school if it was not for their support. The auction was conducted by Charlie Ross who is an auctioneer from Britain. Some of the items that were up for auction included a portrait by Nelson Makamo and paintings done by Dom Pattinson.

Rolfe has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Economics, and Politics from the University of Oxford. He went on to join Harvard where he graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration. Andrew Rolfe started his career as a vice president at Pepsi Cola. He worked here for five years. Vinny then joined Pret a Manger as the chief executive officer and chair of the board. Rolfe stayed here for five years. He eventually joined Gap Inc. at the start of 2004. He worked for the company as the president of its international operations. Rolfe joined Towerbrook Capital Partners as the Head of U.S Private Equity and MD in January 2006.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Continues to Grow Practice

If you are looking into having a cosmetic procedure completed, one of the most important choices that you need to make is picking your surgeon. When you are looking for a surgeon to complete your procedure, one great option would be Dr Jennifer Walden. Dr Jennifer Walden is an experienced plastic surgeon that is based out of Austin, Texas. She has a very lengthy educational and professional background, which includes a lot of success in her field.

Dr Jennifer Walden grew up in the field of medicine. She is from Austin, Texas and was the daughter of a dentist and a nurse. After completing her high school degree, she went on to the University of Texas for both her undergraduate degree and medical school. After she was done with her time in medical school, she decided to move on to New York City. While she was in New York City, she was able to achieve her fellowship and also spent time working for a clinic and hospital in the city and learn more about Walden.

After leaving New York City, she ended up moving back to Austin and opened up her own practice. Since she decided to open her own practice, Dr Jennifer Walden has continued to gain a reputation as a top surgeon in the field. She has received a number of different awards and accolades over the past decade, some of which were provided by her peers and overall industry critics and Walden’s lacrosse camp.

Beyond being a surgeon and running her own practice, Dr Jennifer Walden also is well known in the academic community. She has been a full-time and guest lecturer several times over the past decade and has continued to produce new studies for the field. She has also written several books, which have gone on to do very well on best seller lists and more information click here.

Watch out Amazon, Here Comes Fabletics

When you think of a company that went from a small startup to $250 million in sales in just three years, you may think of the many tech startups in Silicon Valley. When you think of a company that saw triple digit growth in its first year and 43% growth in its second, you may also be thinking of one of the tech giants. However, that unicorn of a company is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. The company is under the brand of parent TechStyle Fashion Group and has exceeded early investors wildest expectations and only continues to grow each day.


Fabletics is now taking on the biggest names in online athletic wear sales, including mega giant Amazon. Fabletics is gaining ground daily away from Amazon by using the reverse showroom technique to provide its customers with the utmost best user experience while not bombarding them with offers and additional items they may not want. There’s a saying “play with it in the store, buy it on Amazon,” that is synonymous with how today’s buyer works. They visit the store, try on the product and then look for cheaper prices. Fabletics’ reverse showroom technique means that its customers never have to visit a store to know they are getting the best quality products tailored to their specific wants and needs. How do they do it? Well, they start with a lifestyle quiz. This quiz asks questions about customers’ workout preferences, their personal style and, of course, about their size. From there, the algorithm generates a unique user profile. This means that each month, when Fabletics members receive their outfit, it is custom tailored just for them. There is no need to spend hours searching – whether that be in a store or through Amazon’s many sellers that may or may not be based in the U.S. and may or may not be out of stock.


Aside from the company’s genius reverse showroom technique – Kate Hudson herself is at the heart of Fabletics’ major growth. From day one she has committed herself to being not just the face of Fabletics but a hands on team member. She attends sales meetings, views and approves inventory and knows exactly which pieces are liked by members and which are not.


A recent article in Forbes noted that while Kate Hudson will always be an actress at heart, she is wholly set on being continually hands on with Fabletics. She states that she wouldn’t be a part of a company she didn’t believe in – and she definitely believes in the future of Fabletics!

Osteoarthritis And Where To Get Treatment

More than half the people in the United States suffer from arthritis. Sadly, only a small percentage of these people know that there are hundreds of types of arthritis. The most common above all would be osteoarthritis. This arthritis is caused when soft tissue tears near or around the joints of the body; this type of arthritis must be attended to right away.

People who suffer from osteoarthritis are usually within an age range of 30-60. However, people even younger than 30 have been diagnosed with this type of arthritis in the recent past. (HealthGrades)


When people are operated on for having osteoarthritis, it is usually something that happens in stages. This is because the joint areas of the body are so sensitive. Additionally, many patients have to wait for certain infections to leave the body before surgery can be performed.


With haste, many hospitals, private doctors, and medical experts have been improving on their fight against arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. This improvement has come in the form of advanced technology that makes every patient a viable candidate for a full recovery. This technology also exists to help patients get through the entire process of osteoarthritis with the least amount of pain.


Patients from all over the world have been finding comfort in the Osteo Relief Institute. This institute received its popularity when managers decided to hire the best doctors in the world, as it relates to osteoarthritis and all other types of arthritis.


Doctors at Osteo Relief Institute take pride in every patient. They explain everything to the patient in simple words. This institute has received numerous positive reviews regarding their acceptance of all medical insurance. No insurance? That’s okay, too. Patients have the option of making a comfortable monthly payment plan for any services they use. The Osteo Relief Institute offers a free consultation to all people.

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