Cone Marshall, No. 1 Internationally

Cone Marshall is a law firm that works with the international community and their advisors. Established in 1999 in Auckland, they have become the law firm of New Zealand. They assist companies by establishing New Zealand trusts and partnerships, and they provide global wealth planning advice. The company has two executives, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, who both have over twenty years experience in handling international issues. They each lend their very specific expertise to the company’s operation. Cone’s specialties are International tax planning, trusts, and management services. Marshall handles commercial litigation law and trustee companies. She provides Trust Deed precedents for clients, and responds to their specific requests to consult on security issues.


New Zealand has demonstrated leadership in tax transparency. They handle foreign trusts by assisting other governments that request relevant information. This is a major difference between them and tax havens where information sharing with other governments is prohibited. This is what makes New Zealand a perfect location for Cone Marshall. In articles published at, the company’s executives called New Zealand the model as far as transparency with foreign trusts, actually using them for tax planning rather than for asset protection. In this environment, Cone Marshall works to strengthen estate and tax laws and has a reputation for offering solutions to estate and tax cases including, consultancy and international problems.


Cone Marshall has built a strong team, providing trust management and trustee services through affiliated companies and they continue to grow by adding subsidiary companies. One of the company’s modes of operation is to establish joint ventures with corporations in order to supply comprehensive property training and information. They not only provide consultation, but they also farm-out their administrators, lawyers, and banking service representatives to other companies so that they can better represent clients. Cone Marshall’s years of success has driven the company to the highest level of international status. It has become the expert in tax laws and property management.


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  1. These are problems that are most often posed by other attorneys and companies. They are dedicated to perfecting services in international trusts and tax laws. That may also mean that could have recorded everything for their benefit as well as having other things kept in good check.

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